Artificial Intelligence….A boon.

Artificial Intelligence….A boon.

Trends in the market are really changing. Don’t you think how the market is really changing in its intelligence technology? Universally if you see in the last couple of years Robots and artificial intelligence are booming in and creating its space between the humans. We here at CaracalEye want to make understand how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is creating and will further create a huge impact in human lives. Creating a positive impact on humans AI (artificial intelligence) not only helping getting things faster but is also creating a huge impact on decision making ability.

Way back in the year 1956 John McCarthy defined AI (Artificial Intelligence) as the science and engineering of making intelligent machine. Many a times there is a mis-conception between the technology, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and artificial intelligence. We really are unaware but we use artificial intelligence in several other ways in our day to day life. In short, artificial intelligence is an application which mimics human, wherein machine learning is application which runs on the feed data in it. And Deep learning is a subset of machine learning in 

Artificial Intelligence….A boon.

which they use concept of neural network to solve complex problem. In spite of interlinked they are a separate entity, they are not restricted to any one division.

The field of AI and Machine Learning is a very broad subject and it has many subfields. CaracalEye tries to utilize and identify the best one for its clients so to get perfect result. For example, Google Search Engine uses Deep Neural Networks (DNN) for its search algorithm. That means its Search Engine AI uses human search behavior patterns to show the results of queries. There are many such examples where we use AI in our daily lives. Grammarly is one of the best examples in AI. It’s a cloud based most powerful writing assistant. Grammarly used a task-based algorithm to check your writing in real-time. Though the accuracy level of Grammarly’s AI algorithm is almost 99 percent, still manual intervention required to increase the readability of your writing, as it uses a Machine Learning algorithm to predict the grammar and spells. 

CaracalEye provides its clients the best driven projects in Artificial Intelligence. Crayon is an another example of AI. Its helps to track and analyze what your competitors are doing. It helps you to generate a database based on the keywords you put. Similarly if we see you will get many examples around. This AI tools not only make a human work simpler but it make it fast and accurate without getting monotonous doing the similar things several times. Regardless to the pun used before AI really things without hesitation million times with the same timeline and accuracy each time.

Artificial Intelligence….A boon.
Artificial Intelligence….A boon.

The above examples which we saw may be were some advance examples of AI, but let the mind really think how we are just surrounded with AI. Yes we use it. Facebook and other social sites. Many of us very frequently check our social media facebook, twitter, instagram and others to see what has happened over the night. AI not only keeps working behind the scene to personalize what you see on your feed, because it learns what type of posts must resonate with based on your past search. 

Its figuring out your friends suggestions, identifying and filtering you the real and the fake news. Even if you see the latest mobile phone which has Face ID. Many of us getting up in the morning do the first thing is reaching our mobile phones. And when your mobile device unlocks using your face as its ID then it’s a part of AI. It first captures your face algorithm to compare the scan of your face with what it has stored about your face to determine if the person trying to unlock the phone is you or not. And Mobile company states that fooling with the face id is one in million.

Where you see you will find the best helping examples of AI. While going on a tour, if you were to find the proper location we use digital voice assistant and it quickly helps us to find the accurate path for the destination. This digital voice assistants are soon becoming like cant live without member of our families. This tools like Siri, Alexa to google home and cortana use our natural language generating through AI to return answer to us.

Artificial Intelligence….A boon.

Google search is again a rapid example. Our day cannot complete without searching on google for an answer or a product we cant live without. Search engines cannot scan the entire internet and deliver what you want without the assistance of artificial intelligence. And how can we forget those ads that follow you around? Those are enabled by AI. Based on the search history they are personalized to you  with the goal of getting items in front of you.

CaracalEye with their clients gives all such solutions to make their business lives easier and workflow getting smooth. Companies and business now have started adopting AI as a real helping hand for their workers and employees to make their work faster and simpler. Our AI services make our clients upgrading their work on an advanced level. It actually helps them to give them a new thought process to think and concentrating for their business growth in other areas. CaracalEye takes your business with the help of AI in a automating mode where your business gets a turn into a new world with the help of AI technology. (For Part 2 Click Here)

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