Artificial Intelligence….A boon Part 2

Artificial Intelligence….A boon Part 2

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So in these second part of AICaracalEye brings you some more information or rather put our focus in some more other facts of AI. Artificial Intelligence which basically is a software used to refer to machines exhibiting cognitive functions normally associated with human minds, such as thinking, learning and problem-solving. CaracalEye upholds many such lucrative projects which gives a glimpse of AI(Artificial Intelligence). Because of AI, performance of the camera has engaged to another level of photography. They understand what it actually takes to make quality images. It includes, camera settings, color depth, saturation, image range, contrast and much more. AI With CaracalEye AI With CaracalEye

But the best part of this is you really don’t have to understand how the camera and when they do it. Its weird to understand aperture and ISO, or White Balance. Isn’t It? Still people around us take great shots and feel proud of that. On the surface, an AI Camera does automatic scene recognition. Once you point your camera the right direction, the AI Camera takes over to automatically tweak the settings behind the scenes for that killer shot.  In fact, behind the scene what really happens is more advance than we think as a simple shoot. The AI Camera has to determine

Artificial Intelligence….A boon Part 2

what scene type it’s looking at and also adjust light conditions in the blink of an eye. It also adds some cool effects, needed background, color adjustments and some dynamic exposure to make the image a best possible one. One of the CaracalEye service includes Photography, event management etc. CaracalEye with the help of AI technology can create such unimaginable and creative pictures and events too which are altogether exceptional and unique.

Artificial Intelligence….A boon Part 2

How does it actually work?

Before an AI Camera can do any of its divination, it has to first be schooled in the real world. Smartphone manufacturers use machine learning to develop image recognition engines which make use of a neural network trained on millions of images. From this the AI camera develops s the skill for mechanically identifying scenes, available light and even the angle of the particular image or scene. As such, your camera knows that it’s looking at a person, food, nature, animals, e.t.c. 

Hence AI camera chooses the most applicable exposure and color adjustments for that perfect shot. CaracalEye for their clients creates such exclusive supports including the Machine learning technology. 

Are you aware about the vehicle recognition cameras around us?

Companies such as PlateSmart, IntelliVision, and Sighthound, among others, use computer vision—a form of AI that can see and understand images—along with deep learning to turn conventional surveillance into vehicle monitoring. This technology helps the traffic authorities to keep surveillance of the traffic on road properly.

Artificial Intelligence….A boon Part 2

 It also makes easy to search specific number plates, which will make you think twice while crossing the red light.

Artificial Intelligence….A boon Part 2

How cool it happens calling a car for a tour?

Another magic of machine learning subsets when a cab can be called on just a click on the mobile device with the power of AI. AI and machine learning are critical to supporting Uber’s mission of developing reliable transportation solutions for everyone, everywhere. AI helps to that extent where when you are want to book for a national tour, you can just ask the google assistant as where you want to go. 

Once you do it, Assistant will check everything from filling up the form with your details until selecting the car for you. Lastly, you get a confirmation of your tour. It is that simple.

Well, if we see such things that technology has given human through which he makes work easier. A standard feature on smartphones today is voice-to-text. By pressing a button or saying a particular phrase, for example, you can start speaking and your phone converts the audio into text. Nowadays, this is a relatively routine task, but for many years, accurate automated transcription was beyond the abilities of even the most advanced computers. Now that voice-to-text technology is accurate enough to rely on for basic conversation, it has become the control interface for a new generation of smart personal assistants.

Artificial Intelligence….A boon Part 2

AI is been also deployed at the criminal justice area. American big cities are actually taking help of AI technology to analyze people who have been arrested for their risk of becoming future perpetrators. Judicial experts claim AI programs reduce human bias in law enforcement and leads to a fairer sentencing system.            

Perhaps alike any other technology, AI, you seen has a vast dedicated future to give to the humankind. Many big giants are already in race and not only big giants company like us are creating massive AI allocation with our clients, which help them add creative ideas in their work pertaining to AI Artificial intelligence. Many upcoming projects where AI will play an important and crucial part to upgrade businesses and to value add in their growth. Though we say it’s a booming technology still AI have many things to give to humans in future.

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