GO FOR VEG_ CaracalEye
GO FOR VEG_ CaracalEye

GO for “VEG”

Prosperity grows when human think in a positive way. It is said that human is a social animal. The word animal is been used for him, WHY? Because they are the creature where the almighty has given the strength and power of thinking. However, have we any time thought why only humans are given this strength. It’s because it not has a body made of flesh but he has feelings and emotions also within from which he can think, taste, feel and many more. In addition, all the power comes from Mother Nature, especially from the greenery spreader around.

Our CaracalEye Campaign GO for VEG is an initiative for us to accept for vegan in the society. CaracalEye gives and wants to spread a message to the society “Let’s not be so cruel with the animals” who can’t even utter a word if taken and slaughtered for the sake. It is a program, which gives a message that even the animal have equal right to live a safe life. The recent bush fire in Australia and Amazon makes us understand how wildlife there have suffered, while recovering that lose is going to be very tough.  Many government bodies have come ahead for help and have tried to secure the lives but still on a greater note lot of animals and wild creatures have lost their lives in this massive forest fire.

Why anyone should “GO FOR VEG”?  Lets takes a views from CaracalEye’s point of view…..

1) Its gives you diverse, colorful, delicious and healthy world of cuisine.

Vegan meals are tasty, healthy and full of nutrition. It is having all kind of needed nutrients, which are necessary for a human body to grow. It is also available in plenty with huge quantity so that all humans can quench their needs on a timely manner. It not only helps humans but it also help all grazing animals to quit their hungers and give them a good life. As stated above it is available in varieties according to the need, which again give a special quality.

GO FOR VEG_ CaracalEye
GO FOR VEG_ CaracalEye

2)      It does not harm anyone….”Anyone” means “Anyone”  not even other animals

Vegan food is produces with the help of nature and the Eco-systems has all required ingredients to grow those products. It do not harm any other creature, because it’s all by nature itself. Though having a small shelf life, some are perishable too but you can also preserve them in various forms. Getting vegan do not harm any animals or take anyone’s life for that matter. Survey says that many cattle are just taken to the slaughterhouse to develop various type of meat products. In the name of dairy farming many cows and buffalos are slaughtered roughly killed for their meat and to make other products of fur and leather. Hens and small chickens are kept in small containers where they can’t even inhale fresh air and just die of either for meat purpose. In past educated priests use to say, God, every year creates the volume of food equal to the requirement on the earth. It’s we human beings who do not take proper care of it.

GO FOR VEG_ CaracalEye

3)      Stops humans being Cruel

In many countries, it is been seen that people consume live animals. Strange but a cruel truth. People consume the shredded blood of the animals and then the flesh. Small and big animals like cows, rabbits, fishes, hens, turkeys, cattle, etc are beaten unkindly. Still not controlled, they are given heavy electric shocks through which they become insensitive towards life. They are trashed in small bins and then used whenever required. Humans have invented huge machinery through which lacs and tons of such innocent animals are killed daily so that it can be on a dinner table or in some other industry. Unfortunately, humans do this all. On the name of occasion and ritual, we take so many animals’ lives, where the truth is these animals are also a keen part of the ecological system and even they have equal rights to live a happy and free life.

4)            Live a longer and healthy life

It is seen in a survey that if you switch to a 100% Veg diet then you add up to healthy 13 years to your life. People who consume saturated 4 legged fat have a shorter life span with more disability at the end of their lives. Meat eaters also experience accelerated cognitive and sexual dysfunction at a younger age. Animal products clog your arteries, zap your energy and slow down your immune system. Surveys show us the increasing graph of diseases growing in humans. According to the last report, every 1 person out of five is Diabetic. Disease like Hypertension and clots are seen in many of those are constant intake non-veg food. Contrary compared with the veg would be lesser. Laboratory tests also says that the Veg food digest in the human body faster than the non-veg food. Flesh and animal fat are insoluble and heavy to digest, which is a root cause of many unwanted and uninvited diseases. Generally, it is seen that human beings are more inclined towards non-veg food for the sake of protein nutrient, but one should understand, there are several untouched vegetables and herbs, which are the source of high protein and gives several times more than any flesh or meat. Once you start thinking for options Mother Nature has plenty to offer. We all have faced the consequences of contiguous virus like Swine flu, Bird flu and several others, which have left harsh footprints in the past. Coronavirus is the latest example, which is enough to teach us a lesson to go for veg. And if we do not still change then many more will keep coming in the future and will destroy our children’s and future generations.

GO FOR VEG_ CaracalEye

CaracalEye takes and initiative by launching a campaign for “GO FOR VEG”, which gives you an opportunity to re-think and understand “WHO ARE WE?”. Initiative taken by  CaracalEye is going to be a standpoint in the society to realize that we all are Humans and by some means have lost the affection of Humanity. Not only in the field of multimedia and technology but CaracalEye also have a strong feeling to do best for the society and so such programs in the form of campaigns are run. Donations and monetary generated from such campaigns are then forwarded and used to the welfare of such animals which 

GO FOR VEG_ CaracalEye

by some or the other way got trapped in this inhuman act by a human. Thinking more bigger way and going out of the box, CaracalEye also protects those creatures (animals) who are found helpless on streets, without food and shelter. Government has provided Animal helplines but still there are many who need our helping hand and that’s what CaracalEye is doing with all your support. Your donations are going to be a life savior to many animals who directly are not able to tell you but considering as our moral responsibility, we should try for it.

CaracalEye invites humanity to join hands in this ever best heart-winning campaign in which you will save lives and you can be a part of the incredible society who is creating a peaceful globe for all.

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