Smart School Manager “Application” Part 1

A school or institution has drastically changed. Like the way, we use to say a “Pathshala” then updated into a school and now an Education center or Institution.

The makeover is not only from outside but inside too. Even institutions and schools are getting towards digitization. Schools who makeover to become Smart schools are prominently liked and seen by the world for their children. Alike before a parent now days see how smartly the school is operational for him and his child. Many a time’s parents choose the school based on its popularity in terms of technology and the amenities they provide for parents.

Let us focus on some key areas where Smart school can play a crucial role in any child’s life;



The most crucial aspect is correctness. All of us know the difference between manual work and work done by a machine. Here smart school application plays its role. It gives you 100% accuracy in terms of information, reminders, reports, track record and many such. It is almost at a top priority that a parent should not miss any update of his/her child. He/she should get all the details upfront of all the activities which run in the school. 


Regardless of manual, the app gives you the above said details with the utmost accuracy and within a set stipulated time. It gives the exact date and time about your child’s any of its details without any flaws and maintaining its highest accuracy level.


Many times we have seen either a working or a non-working parent miss on certain important meetings related to his/her child may be in the classroom or a library or at many Xyz places in the school. And this all happens because of the information not reaching on time or before time. If the same is done through a smart application then none of such important meetings or events can be missed on.

Information about the event or meeting will reach the parent upfront and particular reminders can also be set. As it has become mandatory in this fast life.



As we talk about fast life culture all around us want to save a lot of time so that all priorities can be controlled properly. The smart application saves your time while you can pay fees, interact with teachers/ principals, give your suggestions and many more such things with just a click. Physical presence can be avoided and on your mobile device, you get access to each thing with just a simple click.


Staying connected: 

The software not only gives you a piece of information for the activities happening in the school but it also allows a parent stay connected with his/her child and his class teacher and other school heads. It puts moral and psychological support to the child that his/her parent is aware of all the activities he/she participates in or not within the school. It also gives a child his/her sense of responsibility

With many more plus points, the Smart school software manager is playing an important role in students and his/her parent’s life. 

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