Omprakash Bhatt Founder and Chairman of CaracalEye

Omprakash Bhatt

Founder Chairperson

A guide, a mentor, a critic and a huge supporter.
Mr. Omprakash Bhatt inspire of coming from a education sector,
Had interestingly learnt new technology ideas and gave an outstanding platform in the name of CaracalEye.
His constant support regarding any credentials is incredible and outstanding.
His inbuilt learning attitude is always a role model for each and every member of CaracalEye.
Not only his support building systems is great but even his motivation to take CaracalEye at an enhanced level is quite appreciable.

Utkarsh Bhatt UKB Founder and Owner and CEO CaracalEye

Utkarsh Bhatt UKB

Chief Executive Officer

Utkarsh in spite of being the owner & founder of Caracal Eye is a complete package of Creativity and Technology. His sharp skills in UIUX and animation are fabulous. His vision of creating an organization going extra miles at any hour of the day brings new energy to the team. At a very young age, he is one of the best Indian traveler, Vlogger, and a Storyteller. He started his career into film making, animation, and multimedia and moving ahead into many other aspects like graphics designing, Acting, modeling, Sketching & Portraiting and also working as a creative director on many projects. He is always energetic and enthusiastic with new ideas, initiatives, and implementations in Caracal Eye. Under his leadership, the company boasts with many workforces with impressive clientele list with demand in the market.

Dr. Kandarp Bhatt UKB PHD CaracalEye

Dr. Kandarp Bhatt

Chief Operating Officer

Kandarp is a solid personality with multiple brains in one mind. He is a Ph.D. in Microbiology and an excellent storyteller. Apart from being professional, he is more attached to nature and his incredible hand in sketch making and singing make him more versatile. Being Microbiologist by his profession his inclination towards Technology is remarkable. His strong attire of business planning and calibrating things at proper time and place is the backbone of the organization. His constant support on improvement helps the team and the organization to cover and complete new milestones. 

Our Caracal Eyes.....

Caracaleye Cat animation Utkarshbhattukb

Business Development

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Rahul Gautam
Sr. Business Intelligence Developer
Sharon Brown
Sr. Business Development Specialist
Team Profile Pic _ CaracalEye
Neel Shah
Sr. Business Development Executive

Creative Perfection

Profile Team Girl CaracalEye
Susan Kare
Team Lead - Creative Designs
Profile Pic _CaracalEye
Manish Sharma
Sr. Graphic Designer
Profile Pic _CaracalEye
Brent Frishman
Graphic designer

Web Development

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Gary Gulman
Sr. Web Developer
Profile image - CaracalEye
Priyanka Rajput
Web Developer

iOS Development

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Nathan Crowley
Team Lead - Sr. iOS Developer
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Sachin Vyas
Sr. iOS Developer
profile pic CaracalEye
Dipendrab Kaushik
Sr. iOS Developer

Android Development

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Ricardo Markk
Team Lead - Sr. Android Developer
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Anchit Rao
Sr.Android Developer
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Aditya Sharma
Sr. Android Developer
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Ankita Sharma
Android Developer
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Fernando Trueba
Android Developer
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Aditi Jain
Android Developer